Who is Scono Sciuto?

cropped-char1.jpgScono Sciuto is this generation’s hottest new author – the voice of erotic empowerment.

A unique storyteller, one shrouded in mystery, Scono combines erotica with awareness, fusing strong feminine sexuality with female empowerment.

From Scono….

“I’m a storyteller, one who uses the written word to tell tales. I am not a professional essayist nor English professor. My grammar is not always perfect and my sentence structure not always correct. To me, what is most important, is having the reader get lost in the story.”


Rain strikes upon the glass
Wind howls throughout the room

My essence departs
Along the gusts it rides
Yours it seeks
Together again they join

The passage of time is not relevant
The distance between us is erased
The realities of life which separate us are no longer tangible

Our souls again are entangled
Our souls no longer cry out into the void
Our souls are together as they have always been
Our souls are one with the other – never and forever

Relationship Status Stupidity

Facebook may very well be the beginning of the end of civilization. People log on to discuss everything from what foods they have eaten, to what obstacles they have overcome, to how often they have gone to the bathroom. People there project an image of a fantastical life they want you to believe they live; of which often times, the reality bears little to no resemblance.

Of all the crap listed on Facebook, the one that draws everyone’s attention is the relationship status. After someone views your profile picture, one that often puts forth a sultry best appearance, the eyes immediately search for the relationship status. For some inane or insane reason, a person viewing a profile of a person in Los Angeles, California, sits behind his or her computer in Brunswick, Maine, and thinks if they see single, divorced, widowed, open, or the high point of vulnerability and stupidity, “it’s complicated,” they immediately think they have a chance and hit the friend request button.

Take away the fact that any relationship besides open is just plain dumb and boring, Facebook does this to encourage fantasies of flesh peddling infidelity or Tinder like sexual encounters, what other reason would anyone care about a relationship status? Facebook promotes not simply a virtual social life, those in power are trying to push a virtual life to supplant real life. And, what better way to do so, than exploiting sexual fantasies and loneliness?

By blaring a person’s relationship status, Facebook is hoping to enable and encourage enthusiastic encounters leading to cybernetic adultery.

Leave the nonsensical, computer-generated world behind and embrace an open life of unbridled and unfettered true human contact sexuality.

Dump the relationship status and embrace the wild.

A Father

© 2017

by Scono Sciuto

All rights reserved. 

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.

Printed in the United States of America.


This tale is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author’s extremely vivid, and at time disturbing, imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

 A Father

by Scono Sciuto

It is so close to the date, yet, your desire will not be denied. We make love, unbridled is our passion. To unimagined climax, we bring each other.

Behind closed lids, your beautiful eyes are now hidden. I lay next to you. My hand, upon the outline of our child. Eager to see the world, he presses against your belly. I kiss your cheek. My love, I proclaim. I am with my family.

We are not asleep long.

A contraction wakes you.

You feel a pop, then a trickle.

It is time. We rush to your house. When we are near, you phone your sister. Within the hour, she will be there.

I am like a kid on Christmas morning. I have never felt such joy. I have never been so happy. A life, one created by our love, will soon be here.

My breathing is rapid.

Our son is coming.

My heart races.

We near your home. Your contractions continue. Less than ten minutes after the last, arrives the next.

Your face turns sad.  As you place the next call, you tell me you love me. My excitation dims. At his work, your husband’s phone rings.

Of paternity, he is unaware. I am the father. However, he remains, your husband. My joy is gone, in its place, despair.

It is he, who will witness the birth of my son.

It is he, who will hold him when our son breathes his first.

It is he, who will sit next to you, to share the advent of the life which we created.

I stop in front of your house. There is little time. You aren’t sure when next we will speak. I reassure you, all is fine. Before darting from the car, you tell me you love me and kiss me. As I pull away, the headlights of your sister’s car greet me.

To the hospital, I hurry. I observe you arrive, close behind, so does he. Blissfully blind to the truth, in he rushes.

I leave. For hours, I drive. I am not by your side. I am not there to hold your hand. I am not there to tell you to push. I am not there to wipe the sweat from your brow or tears from your cheek.

I don’t know how you are doing. I don’t know if you have yet given birth. I don’t know if our son has seen his first sight.

What I do know —

It is he, who our son will cry out for in the night.

It is he, who our son will consider his father.

It is he, who my son will call daddy.

Unexpected and unplanned, but not unwelcomed, was his conception. You attempted to leave, but each time you tried, unforeseen events prevented you. Tears fill my eyes.

I will never know my son.

It is that truth, which leads me to the revolver.

It is that truth, I mutter as I press the barrel to my head

It is that truth, I repeat over and over, as I cock the hammer.

It is that truth, the last words I speak, before the explosion echoes.


The End


The Embrace the Wild Fantasies

Embrace The Wild

Angelic Adultery

Addiction Salvation

For God

Creation’s Mother

Submissive Is Dominant

Faithfully Unfaithful


Also, by Scono Sciuto She Is The New Savior 

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Embrace Your Wild – Let Cheating Be Your Freedom

You were caught cheating.

You started a blog, the purpose of which is self-flagellation .

Wow, you are really rough on yourself.

For what?

Parking your pecker in a strange place?

This is the problem with the puritanical construct of monogamy. Monogamy is not natural.

We aren’t meant to deprive ourselves of pleasure because a bunch of religious cultist founded a country.

You cheated, you made a perceived mistake, which by the way you didn’t, BIG FUCKING DEAL!

No matter what your motivation, no matter what drove you to the act, you did it, you fucked another human being – it is over, move on. You didn’t take a life. You didn’t commit genocide, you followed a natural desire for pleasure. An innate desire that a bunch of hypocritical moralist tell you, you should deny yourself.

You are going to see a brain butcher. For what? There is no profit for the head-shrinker if you get better. Your continued guilt is a steady source of income for someone who is either masturbating to your affairs, or having one him or herself.

Stop going to counseling, it is both a waste of your time and your money.

If forgiveness is what you seek, then forgive yourself. Although, forgiveness for fulfilling your desires is just plain stupid. If only you understood, there are so many people being unfaithful. They realize that faithfulness is nothing more than a silly construct of a society intent on controlling the masses.

Why you told your spouse, if you did, is beyond me. Telling her only hurt her. The perception that it would alleviate your guilt is incorrect. If anything, there is now even more guilt. The guilt that is the end product of your selfish confession. Ignorance is often times bliss. What one does not know, can not cause pain.

On the other hand, if you were caught, then the odds are good you wanted your liaisons to be exposed. It is very easy to covertly have an affair. Being found out is usually a sign that you want out of the relationship, you just aren’t being honest with yourself, or probably more likely, you don’t have the guts to leave.

Does everyone cheat? No.

Do most married couples cheat? Yes.

Marriage is not a fulfilling proposition — it is a chain, shackling one to a life of not only monogamy, but worst, monotony.

Imagine, just one food for the rest of your life?
Imagine, just one beverage to drink, one pair of pants to wear, one suit, one shirt?
Imagine, just one soap to use, shampoo, toothbrush?

If you are a man, imagine only tasting the emanations of one vagina for years, or even decades. Do you know that all women taste different. One beautiful, succulent snatch isn’t the same as the other. They have a different scent, a different taste, a different feel, and they all respond differently to your touch.

Imagine, having your cock sucked the same way two to three times a month, if that often.
Imagine, the same boring sexual position time after time?
Imagine, never savoring what another woman tastes like, feels like, moves like….

Just the same over, and over, and over, and over…

If you are a woman, imagine having to look at and touch the same cock each and every time you have sex? Think about the same size and shape filling you time after time. No variety, no change of pace. And imagine, having the same taste in your mouth, each and every time. Like women, all men taste different, feel different, have a different scent, make you respond differently and respond differently to you.

Variety is what makes life worth living. Think of how incredible it would be to have a different lover several times a week. A new scent, a new taste, a new position, a new shape, a new size… something exciting and different with each and every encounter.

That is what sex should be about… as many different lovers, as many different positions, as many different passions and many different experiences over the course of a lifetime.
If you have cheated, get out of the relationship if you are still there. You cheated for a reason, no matter what that reason is, you weren’t meant to be in that relationship.

Forgive yourself, move on, be happy with the person you are in the here and now. And, stay the fuck away from monogamous relationships. Monogamy is NOT a natural state.
Life is way too short to be beating yourself up. Cheating has set you free.

Remember, say no to monogamy and enjoy the pleasure the flesh does surely hold. And never settle for just one.

A Weekend Of Lustful Play

acjass1It is your birthday. I give you a gift, one that admittedly is more for me than you. A pair of thong underwear.

You are fifty-the orgininal wildone years old and have never worn them. You thought they would be uncomfortable.

I offer to take them back. You say no. You lift your skirt and remove your current under garment. You hold it up for a moment, allowing me to gaze the most luscious pussy I have ever seen.

You open each leg of the green apparel. You pull it up your calves, up your incredible thighs and then finally up to your waist. You pull on the cloth that is nestled within your cheeks.

It doesn’t feel that bad you tell me. You hold your skirt up and slowly turn around asking me what I think.

You are a vision. So perfect. I have waited so many years to be with you, each day I have to remind myself of how lucky I am.

gh1 - Copy1I run my hands up your legs. I caress the flesh of your upper thigh.  My hand finds the string like material. I bend you over the couch and open your cheeks. I stare at the satin fabric as it rubs against the inside of your cheeks. Your asshole is looking back at me, barely concealed. For the first time ever, I lower my head, and with the fabric still in place I tongue your hole. You react my bending further forward, inviting me to continue.

For the better part of the next hour I work my mouth around your entire backside. The perfect shape that many men, and women, have admired over the years was now mine. Mine to give attention, mine to care for, mine to worship.

embrace the wild

Your moans only stop for a moment and they are to utter but three words. “Fuck me hard.”

I slide the fabric to the side and enter you. Immediately, with all of my might, I push myself within. The wet material rubs against my cock as I penetrate you with more force and more vigor than ever had I in the past. As much as I want this to last, I am too excited, too far gone, and within mere moments my come fills you.

My fluid flows from you, and without hesitation, I resume my old positon and start licking your ass and pussy. In no time, I am ready to take you again. This time it isn’t over as quickly. My balls hit your clit with each forward thrust. You start to scream; you tell me you are coming. You command me not to stop.

As your body shutters, I fuck you through your orgasm. The shuttering of your snatch Embrace The Wild Fantasiesadds to the friction we are generating, soon, I fill you once again.

My cock slides out. So hot is the sight of my come oozing from your insides, soaking your birthday gift, that only a little of it rigidity is lost.

You turn and take me in your mouth. You lick each bit of our passion, and then you rise to your feet and passionately our mouths intertwine.

We don’t leave your house for the entire weekend. How many times we share our passion, I can’t recall, but never, will I forget being with my goddess.

Why start steroids

Excerpt from Addiction Salvation

Chapter 6addiction salvation collage

I fought it for as long as I could, but after placing out of the top five, in a contest I would easily have won the year before, that which was holding be back, lost its grip. I called on one of the original gang. He had an underground reputation as being a brilliant steroid chemist. With no hesitation, he put me on a protocol. The first month was paid for with sex, but he made it very clear, that subsequently, cash would be the only accepted currency.

The drug expense wasn’t cheap, and even though I didn’t have health insurance, it wouldn’t have helped with these specific medications. To cover my drug costs, I added another two nights a week. The visible changes were not observable over night, but within about two weeks, my strength increased. I woke each morning with the strangest buzzing in my head, and wow, I had a bunch more energy.

My first cycle was to last eight weeks, but it wasn’t until the end that the changes were starting to show, so I opted to go for twelve. At the end of that first cycle, my shirt size jumped and my shorts hugged my thighs to the point of cutting off circulation.

In that short span of time, I was sure I was ready to go head to head with all but the best professionals. As instructed, I took one month off, and the hard-fought gains, while not completely gone, were notably diminished. I started my next cycle with a clear goal of competing when I was two weeks into cycling off.

I hit the gym two, sometimes three, times a day. I was having more time because there were some other physical changes with which the customers of my night job weren’t too pleased. A hoarse, raspy tone replaced my soft voice. Acne dotted my once smooth skin. Also, down below, my clit was blossoming a bit bigger. I told myself, these side effects, were only temporary. Besides, these few, supposed negatives, were nothing compared to the physical gains. At the end of the cycle, my muscles were larger than ever. Two weeks off the juice, combined with extreme dieting, left my muscles flat but oh so defined. The flatness was remedied with thirty-six hours of carbing up. I walked on the stage, and there was very little doubt as to who was going to be the winner.

To my surprise — it was not my hands cradling the first-place trophy. I took second. While not a complete victory, it was enough to earn my pro card.

My friend had talked to one of the judges. It was then I discovered that I had neglected an important part of my anatomy — I didn’t have breast implants.

The fucking feminine guideline!

Our chemically enhanced physiques had allowed us to gain so much more muscle mass, that without fake tits, and what remained of, for some of us, our normal curves — the only thing that distinguished many of the women from the lower weight class men, was a bikini top and a camel toe instead of a bulge in our bottoms.

Addiction Salvation

The Original Wild

the orgininal wild

At my desk, I work. From the task at hand, the aroma distracts.


Her scent, sweet and subtle.

My head follows my gaze. In front of me, she appears. Framed by soft, shiny hair, eyes so deep, beauty so genuine, my heart, for a moment, ceases beating, then beats much too fast.

More than a decade, it has been.

She speaks, a choir of angels fills the air.

Across the room she glides. The hypnotic sway of her hips controls me. Over her shoulder, a glance is an invitation.

The staircase, she climbs. The uneven gait, to her walk, gives a new rhythm. Her sashay beckons me to follow.

Half way into our ascent, overwhelmed am I. I turn her to face me. Our mouths meet. Inhale her, I do. I imbibe, immediate intoxication, under her spell, again, I fall.

gh1 - Copy1To her legs, my hands explore. Permission I seek, I ask, I am given. Moistness allows unimpeded entry. With feverish haste, within her, my finger explores. One, then two, finds entry. Quickly, I lower my head. The taste, my God, the taste. The finest honey could not be so satisfying, the darkest

chocolate so rich, nor the most expensive wine so pleasing — the true nectar of the Gods is this.

Wider, her body opens. Her scent, overpowering. Faster, I move my hands. Panting passion is expressed in earsplitting, salacious screams.

“Fuck me!” she demands.

Our enemies are time and location. I want to, so desperately I desire to again be within. Hopefully, one day I will. Today, I am satisfied delivering.

From her succulent snatch, I take my fingers. Coated with her, I lift to her mouth. From my fingers, she sucks. Within the confines of paradise, I replace them. As I take from within, my fingers glisten. I sample ambrosia.

I need to have her.

I want to have her.

I must feel her around me.

Never, by only giving, have I been so satisfied. Her body is meant for pleasure. Her body is meant for lust. Her very being is meant for unimaginable sin.

That night I sleep. Visions of her flawless, gh1 - Copy2curvaceous body dance in my head – incredible bosom, nipples so tantalizing,  her wet, dripping, inviting, cunt. Her scent, her taste, her soul stirring screams.  Each perfectly memorized, perfectly etched. Each in the present as they were in the past.

Embrace the wild?



She, whom against all else have been measured, was born for the wild, she was born to the wild, she was born to define the wild.  She is, as she has always been, my wild.



The Perfect Start To The Day


I came out of the bath to find my Angel awake. The covers were drawn back, and she was at the edge of the bed. Her perfect body, free of clothing, greeted me.

She gave me that look, and parted her legs. I understood immediately that I was going to be late leaving her house, hopefully, her husband would be just as late returning. .  

I took my place, kneeling before her. As I lowered my head, I ran my hand along her thighs, drawn to the succulent scent emanating from in between, I descended.

My Angel, not feeling well the last few days, was ready this morning.

I sampled from her vaginal chalice, the sweet nectar of my Goddess. For the better part of an hour, my mouth never lost contact.

Is there any more perfect way to start a day?


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In His Arms – I Embrace The Wild

In His arms, the night comes not alone.wildsdslate

In His arms, I come not alone.

In His arms, I feel more than safety.

In His arms, I actually feel.

In His arms, I become the woman I am.

In His arms, I am a vamp.

In His arms, I feel passion.

In His arms, I am powerfully passionate.

In His arms, my desires are fulfilled.

In His arms, I am unadulterated desire.

In His arms, my body feels erotic.

Embrace The Wild Fantasies

In His arms, I am pure erotica.

In His arms,  I feel lust and love.

In His arms, I am both lust and love.

In His arms, I hunger for raw and unbridled sex.

In His arms, I am raw and unbridled sex.

In His arms, The Wild Embraces me.

In His arms, completely, I Embraced The Wild

Dear Feminist –

 – Victory NOT Equality!

she is the new saviorWe live in an age when a woman does not have to hide her beauty and femininity to be taken seriously.

Women, all women, no matter their body type or appearance, are sexy, sensual, sexual and demand to be taken seriously. Men must no longer be allowed to subjugate a women’s sexuality!

We are no longer in a battle for equality. Equality is not the desired goal. It is time for us to learn that so-called male feminist have been keeping women down.

Men don’t compete for equality and neither should women.

Fourth wave feminism is about victory. It is time to compete to win! 

Scono Sciuto is the voice of Female Erotic Empowerment.

In Scono’s own words:

SSTN: I’m glad you brought up feminism. What exactly does this “fourth wave” feminism term mean?

Scono Sciuto: First off, I didn’t coin the term, but I like it. What I describe in The New Savior, is, as I see it, the fundamental flaw of feminism, this silly concept of wanting to be equal.  Women should  not merely be satisfied with being the equal of men, as a whole, they are superior to men. However, so many feminist are battling for parity — I simply do not understand it, at least the women in the battle.  The men who claim to be feminist do more harm than those that are blatantly  misogynistic.

SSTN: How so?

Scono Sciuto:  They are being deceitful. Because these male feminist don’t want women to realize their true potential.  They want them to be happy with the crumbs of equality.

SSTN: Why do you think that?

Scono Sciuto:

cropped-char6.jpg  Because they are insecure.  The men, who avow that they are feminist, simply lack strength of self to admit that they are inferior to women.  Therefore, by convincing women that parity is the answer, they keep them repre


SSTN: How are these men repressing women if they want them to be equal?

Scono Sciuto:  As I have said, because women are superior.  If you hold back a leader or a champion
 in any endeavor, aren’t you actually repressing them?

SSTN: Yes, I guess you are.

Scono Sciuto:  So by convincing women to settle for equality, when they are actually superior, these men are in fact repressing women.