Rain strikes upon the glass
Wind howls throughout the room

My essence departs
Along the gusts it rides
Yours it seeks
Together again they join

The passage of time is not relevant
The distance between us is erased
The realities of life which separate us are no longer tangible

Our souls again are entangled
Our souls no longer cry out into the void
Our souls are together as they have always been
Our souls are one with the other – never and forever

Relationship Status Stupidity

Facebook may very well be the beginning of the end of civilization. People log on to discuss everything from what foods they have eaten, to what obstacles they have overcome, to how often they have gone to the bathroom. People there project an image of a fantastical life they want you to believe they live; of which often times, the reality bears little to no resemblance.

Of all the crap listed on Facebook, the one that draws everyone’s attention is the relationship status. After someone views your profile picture, one that often puts forth a sultry best appearance, the eyes immediately search for the relationship status. For some inane or insane reason, a person viewing a profile of a person in Los Angeles, California, sits behind his or her computer in Brunswick, Maine, and thinks if they see single, divorced, widowed, open, or the high point of vulnerability and stupidity, “it’s complicated,” they immediately think they have a chance and hit the friend request button.

Take away the fact that any relationship besides open is just plain dumb and boring, Facebook does this to encourage fantasies of flesh peddling infidelity or Tinder like sexual encounters, what other reason would anyone care about a relationship status? Facebook promotes not simply a virtual social life, those in power are trying to push a virtual life to supplant real life. And, what better way to do so, than exploiting sexual fantasies and loneliness?

By blaring a person’s relationship status, Facebook is hoping to enable and encourage enthusiastic encounters leading to cybernetic adultery.

Leave the nonsensical, computer-generated world behind and embrace an open life of unbridled and unfettered true human contact sexuality.

Dump the relationship status and embrace the wild.

Embrace Your Wild – Let Cheating Be Your Freedom

You were caught cheating.

You started a blog, the purpose of which is self-flagellation .

Wow, you are really rough on yourself.

For what?

Parking your pecker in a strange place?

This is the problem with the puritanical construct of monogamy. Monogamy is not natural.

We aren’t meant to deprive ourselves of pleasure because a bunch of religious cultist founded a country.

You cheated, you made a perceived mistake, which by the way you didn’t, BIG FUCKING DEAL!

No matter what your motivation, no matter what drove you to the act, you did it, you fucked another human being – it is over, move on. You didn’t take a life. You didn’t commit genocide, you followed a natural desire for pleasure. An innate desire that a bunch of hypocritical moralist tell you, you should deny yourself.

You are going to see a brain butcher. For what? There is no profit for the head-shrinker if you get better. Your continued guilt is a steady source of income for someone who is either masturbating to your affairs, or having one him or herself.

Stop going to counseling, it is both a waste of your time and your money.

If forgiveness is what you seek, then forgive yourself. Although, forgiveness for fulfilling your desires is just plain stupid. If only you understood, there are so many people being unfaithful. They realize that faithfulness is nothing more than a silly construct of a society intent on controlling the masses.

Why you told your spouse, if you did, is beyond me. Telling her only hurt her. The perception that it would alleviate your guilt is incorrect. If anything, there is now even more guilt. The guilt that is the end product of your selfish confession. Ignorance is often times bliss. What one does not know, can not cause pain.

On the other hand, if you were caught, then the odds are good you wanted your liaisons to be exposed. It is very easy to covertly have an affair. Being found out is usually a sign that you want out of the relationship, you just aren’t being honest with yourself, or probably more likely, you don’t have the guts to leave.

Does everyone cheat? No.

Do most married couples cheat? Yes.

Marriage is not a fulfilling proposition — it is a chain, shackling one to a life of not only monogamy, but worst, monotony.

Imagine, just one food for the rest of your life?
Imagine, just one beverage to drink, one pair of pants to wear, one suit, one shirt?
Imagine, just one soap to use, shampoo, toothbrush?

If you are a man, imagine only tasting the emanations of one vagina for years, or even decades. Do you know that all women taste different. One beautiful, succulent snatch isn’t the same as the other. They have a different scent, a different taste, a different feel, and they all respond differently to your touch.

Imagine, having your cock sucked the same way two to three times a month, if that often.
Imagine, the same boring sexual position time after time?
Imagine, never savoring what another woman tastes like, feels like, moves like….

Just the same over, and over, and over, and over…

If you are a woman, imagine having to look at and touch the same cock each and every time you have sex? Think about the same size and shape filling you time after time. No variety, no change of pace. And imagine, having the same taste in your mouth, each and every time. Like women, all men taste different, feel different, have a different scent, make you respond differently and respond differently to you.

Variety is what makes life worth living. Think of how incredible it would be to have a different lover several times a week. A new scent, a new taste, a new position, a new shape, a new size… something exciting and different with each and every encounter.

That is what sex should be about… as many different lovers, as many different positions, as many different passions and many different experiences over the course of a lifetime.
If you have cheated, get out of the relationship if you are still there. You cheated for a reason, no matter what that reason is, you weren’t meant to be in that relationship.

Forgive yourself, move on, be happy with the person you are in the here and now. And, stay the fuck away from monogamous relationships. Monogamy is NOT a natural state.
Life is way too short to be beating yourself up. Cheating has set you free.

Remember, say no to monogamy and enjoy the pleasure the flesh does surely hold. And never settle for just one.

A Weekend Of Lustful Play

acjass1It is your birthday. I give you a gift, one that admittedly is more for me than you. A pair of thong underwear.

You are fifty-the orgininal wildone years old and have never worn them. You thought they would be uncomfortable.

I offer to take them back. You say no. You lift your skirt and remove your current under garment. You hold it up for a moment, allowing me to gaze the most luscious pussy I have ever seen.

You open each leg of the green apparel. You pull it up your calves, up your incredible thighs and then finally up to your waist. You pull on the cloth that is nestled within your cheeks.

It doesn’t feel that bad you tell me. You hold your skirt up and slowly turn around asking me what I think.

You are a vision. So perfect. I have waited so many years to be with you, each day I have to remind myself of how lucky I am.

gh1 - Copy1I run my hands up your legs. I caress the flesh of your upper thigh.  My hand finds the string like material. I bend you over the couch and open your cheeks. I stare at the satin fabric as it rubs against the inside of your cheeks. Your asshole is looking back at me, barely concealed. For the first time ever, I lower my head, and with the fabric still in place I tongue your hole. You react my bending further forward, inviting me to continue.

For the better part of the next hour I work my mouth around your entire backside. The perfect shape that many men, and women, have admired over the years was now mine. Mine to give attention, mine to care for, mine to worship.

embrace the wild

Your moans only stop for a moment and they are to utter but three words. “Fuck me hard.”

I slide the fabric to the side and enter you. Immediately, with all of my might, I push myself within. The wet material rubs against my cock as I penetrate you with more force and more vigor than ever had I in the past. As much as I want this to last, I am too excited, too far gone, and within mere moments my come fills you.

My fluid flows from you, and without hesitation, I resume my old positon and start licking your ass and pussy. In no time, I am ready to take you again. This time it isn’t over as quickly. My balls hit your clit with each forward thrust. You start to scream; you tell me you are coming. You command me not to stop.

As your body shutters, I fuck you through your orgasm. The shuttering of your snatch Embrace The Wild Fantasiesadds to the friction we are generating, soon, I fill you once again.

My cock slides out. So hot is the sight of my come oozing from your insides, soaking your birthday gift, that only a little of it rigidity is lost.

You turn and take me in your mouth. You lick each bit of our passion, and then you rise to your feet and passionately our mouths intertwine.

We don’t leave your house for the entire weekend. How many times we share our passion, I can’t recall, but never, will I forget being with my goddess.

The Perfect Start To The Day


I came out of the bath to find my Angel awake. The covers were drawn back, and she was at the edge of the bed. Her perfect body, free of clothing, greeted me.

She gave me that look, and parted her legs. I understood immediately that I was going to be late leaving her house, hopefully, her husband would be just as late returning. .  

I took my place, kneeling before her. As I lowered my head, I ran my hand along her thighs, drawn to the succulent scent emanating from in between, I descended.

My Angel, not feeling well the last few days, was ready this morning.

I sampled from her vaginal chalice, the sweet nectar of my Goddess. For the better part of an hour, my mouth never lost contact.

Is there any more perfect way to start a day?


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Angelic Adultery

angelic adulteryShe tells me she knows it isn’t logical, but she loves me. She is in my arms. The Angel is quivering. The vibrations from within are conveying impulses. I am still so turned on. I want to move her. I want to thrust into her. But right now, she is here, in my embrace, still coming.

I tell her the same.

She says I don’t need to just say that.

I tell her I feel it, I have felt it for so long, I don’t understand it, but I don’t care.

Softly, she kisses me and says again, she loves me.

She asks me if I am going to take her now.

I tell her that I want to make love to her.

She tells me she wants me to fuck her. 

Who am I to argue with an Angel?

Excerpt: Addiction Salvation – an embrace the wild fantasy

I have re-entered the world of competitive bodybuilding. Into the lion’s den, I have returned. Back to the very arena which sparked my addiction.

The photo shoot has just ended. I sit in front of the mirror. The expertly applied mask creates an outer beauty, conveying a fantasy for the world to perceive.

I cleanse my skin. With each pass, the make-up leaves my face and soaks the cloth. Layer by layer, away peels my disguise. No longer cleverly concealed, pockmark craters mar my features. The body may look young, but the face clearly shows the more than fifty years I have walked this earth. Each line, each crevice and each scar is well visible, and well earned.

As I sit here unadorned, it is just me. It’s Rita.

I smile. If those who compliment that which they see, knew the entire story. If they recognized what they see is merely the surface of a life-long, never-ending struggle.

I am happy with Rita, but that wasn’t always so.Addiction Salvation

I think back to another time. —


Excerpt – Submissive Is Dominance

The room is dark.

She is nervous, but foremost, she is excited.

Her body tingles. This is an enormous step. She is ready to completely embrace her wild.

He asks her for what seems the hundredth time if she is sure.

She assures him she is.

He asks her if she remembers the safe word.

She repeats it, and tells him she will not be needing it. “Today, I give myself to you and to us. I am your submissive — now, and always.”

He pauses.

He kisses her deeply.

He strokes her cheek.

“I love you so very much. You are my passion, my life. I need you more than I need food to eat, water to drink or air to breath. We are one.”

She licks her lips, “Forever, and never.”

He places a blindfold around her eyes. He ties her to the bed, each extremity secured at a corner. Her body is an X, a glorious X. He wants to take her now. He has come to learn what a transcended sexual being she is, and she is his to control, his to use, his to please, and his from which to derive previously unimaginable pleasure.

Her legs are wide and waiting. He stares at the patch of overgrown hair. She wanted to shave, but he loves the way it holds her scent. Today, she is not the only one taking a big step, he is as well. He is giving her the ultimate commitment, a commitment he never believed he was going to be able to give to another. Happily, it is she who he is giving himself to; she who is his one true passion, she who is his one true love……..

 sub is dom


the past IS the present

©2017 Flash fiction prequel to “For God”

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

My mind’s eye, creates the vision.
My soul’s longing, embraces the vision.
My dream state, places me in the vision.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

The air is crisp, we are out for a jog.
Tight shorts, cradle and hug your most incredible form.
Each heel strike, causes your perfectly shaped muscles to flex taut.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

For three miles, I have paced myself slightly behind.
For three miles, I have endured intense arousal.
For three miles, I have only thought of you.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Into the house, I follow.
To face me, I turn you.
Deeply, I kiss you.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

You tell me, “I need to shower.”
I tell you, “No.”
I want you now, as you are.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Your shirt, I pull off.
Beaded sweat, shimmers within your cleavage.
My tongue, samples as your sports bra fights to hold.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Much time, I spend here.
You ask me, “Do you like my tits?”
Nestled between, a muffled, “Yes.”

Away, you push me.
Together, you push bosom.
Their perfection, we both admire.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Contain myself any longer, I can’t
From your body, I rip your shorts.
As the fabric moves, sweat shines and streaks.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Both inside and out, wetness greets my hand.
To tell where your inner moisture begins, is not possible.
Insert a finger, I do.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

My head, I lower.
Perfuse perspiration, increases pheromone proliferation.
More powerful than ever, your scent controls me.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Once again, you push me away.
Onto your hands and knees, you position yourself.
Now before me, is the greatest of all time.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

To my knees, I drop
At the goddess, I worship.
Sweat from your cheeks, my lips absorb.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Along the crack, moves my tongue.
From the top, lower it journeys.
Your opening, that is my destination.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

You tell me, “I have never had this done.”
I tell you, “I have never done this.”
With no hesitation, I plunge my tongue.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Loudly, you scream.
Faster, I move.
A part of you never touched, my mouth completely covers.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Back and forth, your body moves.
With great effort, I keep pace and motion.
Never, does my mouth lose contact.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Your moans, become screams.
Intensifying, is my action.
My hand, finds your cunt.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Contact with your clit, my fingers make.
In small circular motions, I move them
Moisture, from within and without, drops to my palm.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Onto your back, you change position.
Kneeling, I remain.
To my goddess, I continue to show adoration.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

The aroma, from within and without, is more intense.
The scent, that of wanting passion, wafts to my nose.
My head, I lower, inhaling deeper, moving nearer.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

You shift position, legs open a bit more, encouraging me.
Your invitation, greedily, I accept.
Contact, my mouth makes – heavenly, is the taste.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

How long I am here, I don’t know.
Your hands, grasp my hair.
To your head, you pull me, deeply, you kiss me.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

To join with you, once again.
To love you, with my very soul.
Your body commands, “Fuck me,” your voice asks, “Love me?”

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Within the confines of you, we are again one.
Space between us, does not exist.
The years that have lapsed, are no longer.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Passion, intersects with want.
Desire, joins with emotion.
Lust and love unite, they have no division.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

My passion, for you, has never waned.
My desire, for you, has never ceased.
My lust, for you, has never weakened.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

As if I am the only one to have existed, you make me feel.
As if no time is as important as this, you make me believe.
Others you have had, but now, I am blessed, you have chosen me.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

Together, we achieve climax.
Together, we profess our love.
Together, again we are – forever and never.

It is the past and the present.
Time has passed, and yet it has not.

for godAs was then, it is for a higher purpose for which you have been created.

As was then, it is for a higher cause for which you have been created.

As was then, it is for a higher being for whom you have been created.



Monogamy Is The Path To Jealousy

If the allegations against Allison Mack prove true, is it possible she was on the way to enlightenment and was simply misguided by a man? If Allison Mack was to have learned the way of The New Savior, would she have better looked out for her sisters?

Those of us who follow The New Savior, lead an open sexual lifestyle.  Unfettered sexual encounters with

Jealousy Night

Jealousy Night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

other members is not only accepted — it is encouraged.  The New Savior herself has made love to upwards of one hundred of us at any given time.  Her love, and our devotion is something to cherish.

The New Savior has taught us that men have used the guise of religion to quell sexual desire; to keep it strictly for men’s pleasure, while women have always been the tools for that pleasure and a woman’s sexual satisfaction and gratification were never given consideration.  Women, in many religions, are viewed as nothing more than property; which is the primary purpose of the marriage contract — to subjugate woman to the rule of man.  That is why those of us who follow The New Savior, are not beholden to one singular lover; we are all lovers of one another.  None of us own each other — not the person, nor the heart — we share among us all.
The Catholic Church has constantly viewed women as lesser beings, whose only purpose was to accept the seed of a man to produce an offspring.  The New Savior has taught us the beauty of sexual freedom, and sexual expression.  We, those in the flock, experience one another as frequently as possible.  We never hold back our passions nor our love, thus jealousy never rears its ugly, destructive head.

The Judeo-Christian Bible readily demonstrates the outright and lasting effects of jealousy.  If a woman was not merely a concubine, or more accurately, a vessel, the split that occurred in the early Judea faith may never have occurred.  If they all genuinely loved each other as a family, if all of the women were made to feel equally as loved, by not only the man — but by one another; the split which is still felt to this day, would never have come to pass.
Of course, sexual encounters between women is the ultimate in pleasure.  We touch each other, caress each other, and embrace one another with the understanding, concern and love that only women possess.

We have rough sex on occasion, we experiment often, but always — no matter the method, we  make love with one another —- extending and increasing our love, and strengthening our bond for one another.


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